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May 1, 2022 Race Fleet Captain's Message

Gecko Launch

Sounds like the recent Club cruise was a lot of fun with 18 boats participating! I might have made it, but with my boat in the yard.....

There are three Milltown race events in May: Mid-Distance on the 14th, Racer's meeting on the 16th and Pursuit Race #2 to Langley over the 27-30 weekend.

  • For the Mid-Distance, we'll see if we can use our new "X" mark as we have been getting real good at going around Hat Island, and it is time to change things up a bit.

  • For the racer's meeting, we need to start to plan for the Log Dodge events, and getting Race Committee sign-up going. Dave Hett and Bill Bond agreed to be the event organizers, and Janet Bacon is just waiting for themes to start on the coveted awards we'll be giving out.

  • The Pursuit race to Langley will be a staggered start with departure times given for participating boats - with the theory that everyone arrives at Langley at the same time. The race is open to all, as it is like a buddy cruise with slower boats starting earlier. Just let me know if you are interested and we'll get you start times. I'll get that list out the week before the race happens.

News around the waterfront

We do have a few new boats showing up which is great. Phil Gay has completed his rebuild of Toccata, a C&C 30 with a rating of 195 NFS. It will be a challenge for him to decide on which boat to race - continue with Steve on Cat's Paws or take out his "new" boat. We should also see Rising Sun sailing in early June. Brad recently received the new rigging, and has been slicking up the boat with new running rigging, go-fast parts, and shiny hull and deck. It will be good to see them with a mast on the boat, and not in the yard! In June there will be another launch, but one we probably won't see as Paul VanSlyke (former Sea Scout Skipper) will finally take delivery of his new boat in Sweden, where they will cruise it this summer. GECKO was relaunched yesterday with a new slick bottom (interlux Aqua), buffed sides and rebedded keel. Thanks to Brian and Jesse at Puget Sound Composites ( for their skill and work on getting me back in the water in time for the Round Whidbey Race. Regarding the Round Whidbey Race, Milltown has four racers in this OHYC event - Wily B, GECKO, Hula Girl, Espresso (maybe Shaun Wurzner on Sorcerer too as he seems to show up for this race) - where we start Saturday morning just outside Deception Pass and then race CCW around Whidbey island up to the Oak Harbor entrance. I'll have my AIS on (MMSI: 338087974) if you want to see if I get to the finish sometime before Sunday morning. As long as I'm ahead of Wily B and Espresso, I'll be happy. In addition to my regular crew, Val will be joining me again for another sailing adventure. I've promised him that we'd not be facing 50 knot winds and 20' seas for this trip. (Apparently he is a slow learner if he agreed to sail with me again.....)

If you've not been upriver past the boat launch recently, you'll have missed the new monolith hailing the might of commerce. What the heck does this mean??? Amazon has been stacking up containers by the old NORD door plant while they ready their Smokey Point facility. That huge stack will move on soon enough, just something to look at and record in the ol' memory bank. I'm sure if you see it, there will be a smile on your face.

The POE has slapped a notice of possession on the old Equator. Seems like the foundation that owns the hulk has finally petered out and now the process of the hull converting to landfill is back in action after a 40+ year delay.

I have lots of folks who have signed up on the Milltown Website with an interest to crew on a boat. If you are interested in experienced or newbie crew members, we've got about a dozen to choose from with all levels of experience. Let me know what you are looking for and I will pass on their info.

News our racing computer and its life cycle. Tom Hunter got the old one working enough again that we were able to use it for the last race. Ohio (MSA Associate member and crew on GECKO) donated another MS tablet that Tom is working on resurrecting as well. So for now we are pretty good on equipment. Besides the "rental" of the office space, our racing expenses are pretty low with a few air canisters every six months and US Sailing Membership. Thanks to all the members who do maintenance and support for this program!

Halibut season opens this Thursday, and I got to deliver the fishing boat to Sekiu last week on a trailer, which was harrowing in it's own right going through Seattle traffic. Hopefully I'll be out there the next few weeks to get my tag filled up before a planned trip to Boston for a COVID delayed graduation ceremony.

I have not received any completion notices for the Challenge courses! Maybe with a few new boats out they will take on that challenge.

Finally, I'll be leaving this morning for "race delivery" to Cornet Bay via an overnight at Port Townsend. This is not a cruise.

See you all on the water!

Race Fleet Captain

Joe Geck

C&C 99 GECKO "#1"