2023 Racing News

Spring Racing Report

The results are in and it looks like some very close racing this past Saturday.  In B-Fleet all three races had places decided by just seconds.  Must have been exciting with the short courses and quick turn around times provided by Grant and crew on Mei Li.  The weather was good for racing with wind and no rain.  Temporary marks were set at D and J and both used for fast racing, as Grant said at the skippers meeting "we'll be done by three!"  I could not make the race as I had other obligations, and by the time I got out on the water the racing was over with Espresso, Sunday and Hobo taking first places (results posted on-line).  Congrats to the new guys on Cheers (Catalina 27) who got out for their first racing, and good to see Robert out with Ephen Yeets.  We also got to see Rising Sun finish their first race with the new elongated bowsprit - some folks say it looks like a Narwhal...I think it looks like a Rhino.    While I did not get to the start line in time to sail a race, I did get to see race #3 finish, and I got a first place for the year in the Hat Island Challenge with a time of 1:41:02.   Good for the ego as I'm still #1.   Challenge courses are posted on the Race Page.

Upcoming events

We have Mid-Distance race #3 on April 29, but need a Race Committee for it.  In May, we DO NOT have the MSA/CYCE challenge on May 7 --- it has been moved to June 17.  We have Mid-Distance #4 on May 13 and a Racer's meeting on May 15 at 7pm.  That will be our last race event at the clubhouse, as Log Dodge will start out of the new location on June 2.

Sign-up on-line for Race committee for the following:

No RC, No race.

Start to think about being a Race Captain for one of the Log Dodge series.  I'll be travelling a bit again for the first part of summer, and need deputies to manage the Log Dodge racing.  The MSA Board is working on the social amenities related to Log Dodge at our new location, so the Race Captain job is all about getting RC set and then getting results calculated.  

Hey Shaun Wurzner!!!   What is happening to Sorcerer?  I see you in the yard with your rudder a bit loose.....  


Race Fleet Captain
Joe Geck
C&C 99  GECKO  "#1"