Cruise Highlights

April 29 - May 1, 2022, Kingston

Hello Milltown Members- What a wild time we had at Kingston last weekend! We had 18 boats plus some members joined us by ferry for the "Where the Wild Things Are" themed weekend at Kingston. We had the traditional trivia contest, scavenger hunt, BINGO game and a modified relay race which we called, the "Wild Rumpus Relay Runway Review". It was a fun time for people to "roar their terrible roars and gnash their terrible teeth and roll their terrible eyes and show their terrible claws"! Thanks to everyone who came along to play and have a little fun with us.

A highlight of the weekend was having time at the dock for visiting with our boating friends. Several people took to the streets to do a little shopping, walking and beach combing. The winds were practically perfect for those of us who came on Friday and left on Sunday. As a bonus the only rain came in late in the evening on Friday and was all done by 9:00 am leaving us to enjoy a mainly sunny Saturday.

It was a great weekend to be back out on the water! We are looking forward to more monthly club cruises, with the next one on Memorial weekend, May 27-30th at Langley. More information will be coming about that cruise.

Thanks again to everyone for joining us on our Wild Rumpus weekend!

Thank you,

Linda and Grant Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

March 11-13, 2022 Port Ludlow Marina

Hello Milltown Members- The Cruising season has begun! We had a fun and successful cruise to Port Ludlow last weekend. Many thanks to Valerie and James Stein for hosting this cruise. They did a fantastic job of helping us celebrate Saint Patricks Day with the always fun Limerick Contest. We also got to show off our artistic skills by creating artwork highlighting the culture and history of Ireland. Once again we are impressed with the many talents Milltown members have! We even had big bon fires both Friday and Saturday nights using up all the drift wood the Port had removed from the marina. Valerie and James made sure that we had lots of nourishing snacks. The variable weather (sun, rain, wind, sun, big squall!) kept our hosts challenged with the group activities but thanks to their flexibility we had lots of time to gather together to talk with old friends and make new ones. Plus both Valerie and James were always available to help grab a line as boats arrived and departed. Thank you!

We had a record 15 boats, one Pickup Camper and one RV. The Sea Scouts brought 2 boats full of scouts and it was really fun to get to know them and share boating experiences. We look forward to seeing them on future cruises. Saturday morning 22 people had a refreshing nature hike up to Ludlow Falls.

The first Pursuit Race of the season was a challenge for those of us who came on Friday with light wind. Boats coming on Saturday had great wind but Sunday was the day for a challenging race with lots of wind across Admiralty then the challenge of lighter wind after crossing Possession Point. Watching from behind (!) it looked like 4 boats almost crossed the finish line at the same time. That's what I call an almost perfect Pursuit Race!

Our next Milltown cruise will be April 29-May 1st to Kingston Marina. We will be sending information later about how to reserve a slip and what adventures you can expect on this cruise. We have chosen the children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are", by Maurice Sendak as the theme for this cruise.

Always keep sailing,

Grant and Linda Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

November 26-28, 2021 Langley

Hello Milltown Members-

What a way to end a wonderful year of cruising with Milltown Sailing Association! Once again we have proven to be strong and hearty people who are not willing to let a little rain and wind (really it was a lot!) keep us from coming together to celebrate the holidays and spending time with our boating friends and companions.

We had 10 boats plus a few people drove over to the Langley Marina. Patrick, the Harbormaster, was very helpful getting all the boats settled into the right slips (more about the slips later). Friday night we had soup and bread and desserts at the dock with the comfort of a couple pop-ups and fire bowls to keep us warm. There were games, of course, with Holiday BINGO and the humbling test of being able to Walk, Think & Talk game.

Saturday people dodged the rain showers and went to town for shopping, eating and watching the Tree Lighting. Then back to the dock for potluck and time for visiting. It was fun to hear people share stories of their favorite Christmas Memories.

So back to the weather......the weekend just kept getting more rainy and windy, so by Saturday evening it was obvious we needed to take the pop-ups down and stow away the food. Late in the night/early morning the wind was steady with gusts of 30 knots. As my nieces' 4 year old son would say, "it's getting kind of wobbly out here". That was an understatement! Along with the wind came the waves that were a real challenge with trying to keep the boats safe against the dock. Lessons learned were that it's important to have proper fenders and keep checking dock lines that may come loose. One of our fenders popped cause the boat bounced against the dock so hard. Also, if it's windy we can expect bigger waves, so smaller boats shouldn't be out on the outside dock.

Sunday the wind finally calmed down so we headed back home to Everett. But then the heavy rain came and guess what...... if your life jacket gets wet enough it self inflates! So another lesson, always have an extra cartridge for your life jacket on board your boat.

So even though it's easy to keep talking about the weather we need to be reminded how fortunate we are to be able to have these boating opportunities. On Friday someone commented about how lucky we are to have such a beautiful place; to be able to look out over the water towards the mountains and watch the seals and eagles. Sunday morning gave us a spectacular sunrise along with the challenge of wind and large waves, but also the fellowship of sailors working together to keep everyone safe and secure.

Thank you to everyone for making this and all the cruises this year fun, safe and successful. We are always learning from each other and Milltown is just the perfect group to learn with.

With gratitude,

Grant and Linda Albert

October 8-10, 2021 Kingston

Hello Milltown Members- what a memorable weekend we had with 13 boats that came for the the annual Oktoberfest Celebration at Kingston Marina. Many thanks to Pam, Sue and Margo for nourishing us with streusel and schnapps, and for keeping us entertained with Oktoberfest activities. Hammerschlaggen had a few modifications this year which the participants quickly excelled at. The Weiner Toss and Potato Poop Relay Races kept us laughing and energized. We couldn't help thinking, "would we let our kids/grandkids play these games????" But of course we would because they are so much fun! Plus the games really highlight how strong and young-at-heart we Milltown members are! You can see some great photos on the Milltown Facebook page (thank you Dennis Pearce).

Thinking back we wonder where else can you have warm sunshine, glassy seas, gusty winds, rain squalls, thunder clouds, hail, heavy rain & a double rainbow. Not to mention orcas, seals, & herons feeding at the dock. Plus a sail boat race & the challenge of dodging freighters, cruise ships, ferries & crab pots. Not to mention being with boating friends to share stories, skills & knowledge. And all of this happened over 48 hrs and just 16 miles from home!

Let's do it again!!

Our last cruise to the year will be the weekend of Thanksgiving, Nov 26-28th at Langley. More information will be coming.

Thanks again to everyone who made the Kingston Cruise a fun and memorable one, especially Pam, Sue and Margo.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Milltown 40th Anniversary party at the clubhouse this Saturday, Oct 16th, 6:30pm.

Happy Cruising,

Linda and Grant Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

S/V Mei Li

Labor Day 2021 Oak Harbor

Hello Milltown Members- What a wonderful way to end the Milltown Summer Cruising Season with the annual Labor Day Weekend Cruise to Oak Harbor. We had 18 boats come and go during the weekend with several people joining us by car. Margo and Sue hosted the Pirate themed party and what a fun time for all. Deciding who won the best dressed pirate costume was a tough decision, especially since not only were the costumes great but the people actually acted like pirates! And the watermelon contest really highlighted people's creativity. It's amazing what people can do with a spoon, a paring knife, legos, carrots, bananas, smoke house almonds and a bottle of rum!

Our aging balancing skills were tested with the Musical Circles game. It helped to have a little luck. Also, we got to get a little smarter by learning about what the pirates real names were. Who knew that Blackbeard's real name was Edward Teach? Makes you wonder what your pirate name would be??!?

Many thanks to Sue and Margo for the Muffins and Mimosas on the dock. We had a fun and relaxing weekend with our boating friends and time to share our boating stories and future plans for enjoying the Salish Seas.

Look for an email soon about the upcoming anchor out cruise, Sept 24-26th.

Hope to see you at the General Meeting tonight at the Clubhouse.

Thank you,

Grant and Linda Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

August 6 - 8, 2021 Poulsbo

Hello Milltown Members!

We had another wonderful cruise, this time to the Scandinavian town of Poulsbo. Dale & Edith (S/V Cielo Sin Fin) and Mike & Kristi (S/V Hooligan) were our co-hosts and they kept busy keeping us fed and entertained. 15 boats made the trip with warm sunshine and a gentle breezes and just a bit of light rain.

Our co-hosts had some fun and different games for us. One tested our navigational knowledge of North and Central Puget Sound, and the San Juans. Thankfully our Cruising Director did fairly well with his knowledge of the Salish Sea. It probably helped that he's a racer, too!

Another fun activity was KUBB, which is a game that originated over 1,000 years ago. Apparently the Vikings played it with bones and skulls. Our co-hosts modified it so we used sticks and blocks instead. Good plan!! It was a test of hand-eye coordination which apparently is another skill that disappears as we get older. Anyway, it was great fun for us and all the other people at the city park watching us. The blocks are in a black, mesh bag and we will put it in the clubhouse storage room. It will be fun to play again at other clubhouse activities.

It was so good to see our boating friends and have relaxing time at the dock. As always the town of Poulsbo had lots of shopping and good restaurants to enjoy.

Many thanks to Dale and Edith and Mike and Krisiti. You gave us a delicious and nutritious breakfast both days and fun opportunities for learning and laughter.

Happy Cruising

Grant and Linda Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

July 10-25, 2021 Progressive Cruise to South Sound

Hello Milltown Members- The Mount Rainier Vista Cruise was a success! We had a total of 14 Milltown boats with most of the boats participating the whole 2 weeks. Most of us followed the planned itinerary which took us to several ports, marinas and quiet coves from Everett to Olympia. Some adventurous boaters took time to explore other amazing destinations in the South Sound. The weather was spectacular for most of the trip, except for a few rain drops and clouds. But eventually the clouds cleared and we had a marvelous view of Mount Rainier. The wind was elusive for most of the trip, so the sailors in the group got to indulge for a few short hours before the wind died and the motor was back on. This meant we were able to get to the dock or anchorage quicker and enjoy the peacefulness and relaxation that cruising is supposed to be! We stayed 2 days at most of the destinations which gave everyone plenty of time to explore the surroundings, have relaxing time on the boat or dock, and even time for boat repairs and maintenance.

Many thanks to everyone for sharing this experience with us. We are so grateful for the friendships we have developed through the years and how much we have learned from everyone. We'd also like to thank everyone for working together and helping with docking, anchoring, reading charts, planning activities, etc, etc. As someone recently said, "many hands make light work!"

Happy Cruising to all,

Grant and Linda Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

May 28-31, 2021 Langley Pursuit Race #2

Hello Milltown Cruisers- What a wonderful cruise to Langley we had over the Memorial Day weekend! We had 18 boats plus several drivers join us for the weekend festivities. Many thanks to Janet and Bill on S/V My Sunshine for hosting this cruise. There were some new club members joining the regular cruisers and Janet & Bill made everyone feel welcome. The Beer can/soda can/water bottle boat race was great fun with lots of cheering. The wind was just right to create a battalion of 3 boats that finished the race as a 3-way tie.

On Sunday 'Captain Greybeard' made his inaugural appearance to perform the boat re-naming ceremony for three boats. Welcome S/V Old Crow, S/V Invictus and S/V Hooligan. If you have Facebook you will see lots of good photos of the weekend fun.

We also had the 2nd Pursuit Race of the year and it was a good one. Friday was an upwind race that tested racers' skills for when to make the best tack. Monday the sun was warm, the mountains were out and the wind was perfect for a downwind wing on wing or spinnaker run. Milltown gave other boaters a pretty site with most of us with our sails out. To make the race even better the Orcas and gray whales were out. We truly live in a beautiful place!

So we are officially starting the summer cruising season. There will be more opportunities for practicing boating skills, sharing stories at the dock and enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Emails will be coming soon about the next cruise which will be to Port Ludlow Back Bay on June 11-13, hosted by Marianne and Chip, S/V Endless. The Progressive Cruise to the South Sound (aka Rainier Vista Cruise) will be for your choice of a 1 or 2 week long cruise with lots of options for making personal stops along the way. This is scheduled from July 10 through the 25th.

See you out on the water soon.

Grant and Linda Albert

Cruising Fleet Captains

April 23rd - 25th, 2021 Kingston

Hello Milltown members- Our second club cruise of the season took place last weekend at the Kingston Marina. 15 boats either sailed or motored over with several more people joining us by ferry. The weather was typical for April, cold and wet, but we endured and had a wonderful time being with our boating friends. The theme was from the book, "Swallodale" by Arthur Ransome, which gave us lots of opportunities for a scavenger hunt, Swallodale BINGO and the Best Frocks Butter Making Relay. Lots of laughter and adventure! Not everyone knew about the very nice beach next to the ferry parking, but it was soon discovered by those who participated in the scavenger hunt.

We had lots of time to gather on the dock and visit with our boating friends. Many thanks to those who brought fire bowls to help warm the cool mornings and evenings. It was so wonderful to be able to reconnect with our boating friends after a long year of COVID precautions.

Our next cruise will be the annual Memorial Day weekend cruise to Langley, May 28-31, 2021. Janet and Bill on the sailboat My Sunshine will be our hosts again this year and we know we will have a great time. More information will be coming about what you can expect for the weekend, but if you want to get a head start rumors are that there will be the very competitive Beer Can Boat Race again. Also, there will be a boat renaming ceremony, so let Grant know if you're interested.

We have 18 slips reserved at Langley. If you would like to join us, please email the following information to Grant and Linda Albert by May 18th.

  • Your name and contact number

  • Boat Name

  • LOA

  • Beam

  • Do you prefer port or starboard tie?

  • Are you willing to raft?

  • What day will you arrive?

  • What day will you depart?

Thank you and happy sailing,

Grant and Linda Albert

MSA Cruising Fleet Captains

March 12, 2021 Port Ludlow Pursuit Race

Hello Milltown members- Many thanks to Margo Hayden and Sue Marsden for once again hosting the annual Labor Day Weekend Milltown Cruise to Oak Harbor, with 15 boats in attendance and others coming by car. Although the Music Fest was cancelled because of Covid, Margo and Sue made sure we had lots of good music with the theme of Jimmy Buffett. Every year they come up with fun and creative activities to keep us entertained and this year was no different. We had a scavenger hunt which got us off our boats and out exploring the local beach. We had Jimmy Buffett Crossword and Trivia contests which were a real challenge except for one member who confessed that he was a "parrot head" way back in the '70s. We played Pin the Tail on the Parrot and Bowling with Coconuts, which highlighted the fact that we really do lose balance and hand-eye coordination as we get older, but still a lot of fun!! The final activity was the Watermelon Carving Contest which showed that some of us can do fantastic artwork with a watermelon and a dull steak knife. If you look at the Milltown Facebook page you will see the entries. Hopefully this will be an annual event.

The prizes were great and the breakfast muffins and mimosas much appreciated. Monday morning brought predicted winds (15-25 knots) which gave us a fast and wild ride home.

Everyone did a good job following the Covid guidelines of social distancing and wearing masks when not being distanced. It was wonderful to be with our sailing friends again. We look forward to the next cruise which will be to Kingston, Oct 9-11th. Our next email will give you information about how to sign-up for that cruise.

Happy Cruising,

Grant and Linda Albert

Cruising Fleet Captains