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Commodore’s “view from the Helm” report

posted Dec 17, 2016, 1:26 PM by Sandy Buus   [ updated Dec 17, 2016, 1:31 PM ]

The elections are done and people are getting back to normal.  Well at least at Milltown we are getting back to “our” normal!   We finally have had Winter arrive and this past week was the first skim-ice on the Marina.  We had several boats participate in the Lighted Boat Parade sponsored by Mukilteo Yacht Club – and I have to say that BoB was looking real good all decked out in lights and twirling around to the delight of families all along the waterfront.  I almost had to admit to attending cruising event, but I classified it as a community civic responsibility that the MSA Commodore performed.  Phew!  Four years of vice-Commodore and then Commodore and not an official cruise to my credit. 


Back to normalcy…for our Milltown elections we have several new folks joining to the Board, plus we welcome our Vice-Commodore to the Commodore position.  At the December General meeting, club members made their selections and we welcome the following to the Board:   

·        Commodore            Tom Buus

·        Vice Commodore    Natalie Winslow

·        Treasurer                Mo Stiz

·        Trustee                    Nick Wilson

·        Trustee                    Dale Beech


Returning Board members are:

·        Secretary                Mark Butler

·        Trustee                   James & Valerie Stein

·        Trustee                   Jeanne Butler

·        Trustee                   Joe Geck (past Commodore)


A great big thank you to the retiring Board members:  Grant Albert as longest-elected-in-service as Vice Commodore, Commodore and then Trustee; Mark Ladd as our Treasurer for as long as I recall; Vaugh Winslow as Trustee and never-ceasing good will ambassador for our club!   I also want to extend my appreciation to Members who are chairpersons for our committees and the support they have provided this past year:  Dave Motter as Race Fleet Captain; Pam Dittrich and Jeanne Butler as Cruise Fleet Captains; Chip Handewidth as Club House rental champion; Rick Hunter as the guy who keeps the clubhouse in great shape; Paul Van Slyck as Youth/Sea Scouts leader; Nick Wilson as our beverage stocker.  I also value and thank James and Valerie as the speaker coordinators, and Mark Butler as our guiding-star of a secretary.  This has been a great set of active folks that have met monthly to keep the club true to our purpose of promoting and encouraging the sport of Sailing, Cruising and Racing.


So what is next?  I know Pam is conjuring up some New Year celebration event, and then right after that is our Awards Banquet on January 21 where I will pass on the Commodore role to Tom.  I may give up the commodore insignia, but there will be wrangling over passing on my epaulettes!  Should be a great awards ceremony -- we’ll have door prizes, installation of the commodore, club and racing awards.  This year we will also continue in support of Youth Sailing with a raffle ticket drawing for beer & wine baskets to support Sea Scouts Scholarships.  Heck, I will even promise to practice my emcee jokes before the day of the event!  Stay Safe and Stay warm!



Joe  Geck

Outgoing Commodore