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Sydney Hobart 2017

posted Jan 3, 2018, 7:29 PM by Thomas Hunter   [ updated Jan 3, 2018, 8:42 PM ]
On Boxing Day in Australia, I had luckily found the livestream for the start of the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Ocean race (Don't want lawyers coming after me!).  I took time out of Xmas meal preparation and watched the start.  Quite intense!  Anyway once Black Jack and Commanche rounded the first mark, I got busy making dinner for my daughters. (after that the action is done and it's just a long slog to Hobart.)  Low and behold, we kept it runnning and I hear all sorts of commotion from the announcers. Wow, who knew the pros would get into an interesting rules infraction on an ocean race!.  Here is a  link to the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart courtesy of Channel 7 (more cya, also too likely only works on a PC) Courtesy of sailing anarchy.  I wanted to point out the cool calm collected Jimmy Spithill who you can hear on the audio.  He is 30 seconds ahead of life.  Before the cross, you will first hear him say we will have an "evasive event", next comes the call of Starboard (likely for the audio!) and then his commentary to his tactician, "likely protest here",  then after he yells protest, he talks calmly to his tactician, do you "want me to bail out or hold". Darn!  That is good seamanship!

While out on the sailing anarchy site, I also wanted to point out to the club members  and other interested to another awesome post from sailing anarchy on the true chevy of boats, the T-bird!  (And no that does not involve giving hand gestures!),  Check out the link on the Thunderbirds here!  Per the post, 

It’s hard to find a boat that can race fast and cruise comfortably without breaking the bank, but 60 years and over 1200 sailors and their families have shown the Thunderbird to be a badass and versatile solution.

There is a great video showing the boats racing at Port Townsend and discussing the history of the class.  Hope you enjoy and happy new year!