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Racers: Try Out Raceqs

posted Mar 12, 2016, 7:36 AM by Thomas Hunter   [ updated Mar 12, 2016, 8:08 AM ]

On Espresso, we did a trial run of the RaceQS application for Race 5 of the winter series. It didn't help us with our pointing ability but it was kind of cool to see our speed and angles as we tacked and jibed.  If multiple boats use the application, it will automatically show up in play back.  Here is a link to replay of Race 5 of the winter series. I manually guessed the line and marks but it was fairly easy based on the map and race course (OI).  Pro tip: there is a menu for showing multiple boats and additional data in the bottom left corner.

The app will run on an iphone (or other smart phones) and if you place it on the boat, it records your heal angle, GPS speed and location and you can see the voluminous data it gives back.  In addition, we can work on getting the GPS coordinates for the start and our marks, we can get those loaded and you will see VMG and other such metrics. or look for the application in your preferred phones app store.  And you can't be the price. Free!