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Milltown Sailing Association Cruise to Hat Island

posted Apr 28, 2015, 11:23 AM by

The latest MSA event was not to be missed.  It was a Robinson Crusoe-themed cruise hosted by Grant and Linda Albert (S/V Mei Li).  18 boats and even a two-person kayak attended.  We were blessed with gorgeous sunny weather.

Excitement was in the air for the weekend when almost everyone spied grey whales as they sailed, motored, or kayaked their way to Hat Island.  There was plenty of help docking your boat when you came to this picturesque island across Port Gardner.  Everyone pitched in to help each boat dock safely and without incident.  Dale’s S/V Cielo Sin Fin was even decked out with an inflatable palm tree and monkey to get in the spirit of the Robinson Crusoe cruise.  The other decorated boat was the S/V Mei Li, our gracious host’s sailboat.  We had a new member of our club join us too.  John Lynker of the S/V Alicia’s Wrath.

At 30 ticks past noon, Linda and Grant served a Hot Dog lunch.  They even had a large cake.  Turns out their grandson had a 7th birthday the day before so we all sang him the Happy Birthday song.  This provided us with the necessary sustenance to embark on our next adventure of the scavenger hunt, raft building with corks, relaxing, or visiting with our fellow castaways.  A couple of us went for a walk to explore the island.  We didn’t get “lost” per say, but we did ask for directions from one of the friendly locals back to the marina.  On our walk there were many times we stopped to take pictures because the view was spectacular. 

The scavenger hunt took us past the picnic shelter and to the beach.  We had to find the cork tree and collect corks and twine to build our raft.  Some of us were doing our bit to supply our own wine corks for the raft!  The turtle eggs we needed to collect were on the beach.  They had a tasty surprise inside.  We found that out from Laurie and Dave’s (S/V Sweet Sue II) granddaughter.  Our next find was something that looked like a periagua.  Turns out a periagua is dugout canoe.  The last item on the list was a “goat skin”.  FYI, no goats were harmed in the gathering of the goat skins.  

Everyone made there way over to the picnic shelter about 5:15 for cocktail hour, contest judging, trivia, and then dinner.  The cork/twine/other found materials constructed into rafts turned out some very ingenious designs.  Chip and Marianne’s (S/V Endless) son Micah helped 3 different groups with their rafts.  Blain, Melissa (S/V Aloha Makai) and daughter Makena built a raft with a Total Wine sail.  Vaughn and Natalie (S/V Our Tern) found more than the average bear of items left on the beach.  I know they found a sneaker, some line, and array of other things. 

During happy hour there was a lively trivia contest.  Following the trivia, we had a potluck smorgasbord.  With so many delectable things to choose from no one went away hungry.  There were even amazing decorated sugar cookies that looked like sailboats and palm trees.  A bon fire, smore’s, and hula hoops followed dinner along with great conversations. 

Some of our group got up early to watch the sunrise on the beach.  The early birds even saw a grey whale.  Bald eagles and osprey were also seen.  A pot luck brunch was on the dock.  Again, there was a vast array of dishes to choose from, since 19 boats were contributing.   The sunny weather continued throughout the weekend.  It was perfect for sitting on the deck chairs and visiting with new friends and old. 

After brunch there was a group that ventured out with Grant, aka Robinson Crusoe, for a guided walking tour of Hat Island.  At the same time, Vaughn led a guided walk on the beach.  Golf was also available for anyone who wanted to play. 

Grant and Linda did a magnificent job of hosting this annual event.  Thanks for all your hard work and imagination to make this a not to be missed cruise.  We hope to see you at our next cruise on May 23-25 to Shilshole Bay. Join us as we are christening our boat.

Jeanne Butler

Milltown Cruise Committee