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Milltown Sailing Association 2015 Awards

posted Feb 10, 2016, 6:01 PM by Sandy Buus   [ updated Feb 10, 2016, 6:04 PM ]

Member of the Year:    

Paul Van Slyke for all the work with Sea Scouts.  MSA sponsor Ship #226 started off the year with a goodly amount of fund raising to help them get their new boat.  Sea Scouts have been active at several MSA and POE Events this year in addition to the scouting activities they accomplish around skills and maturing.  I want to recognize Paul for that work in serving the community as an extension through MSA. 


Family of the Year:         Dave and Laurie Motter.  Always have a family on cruises and bring many folks along  for summer races.  Active in all MSA events and include kids, grandkids and dogs.  I’ll miss being across the dock from all the happy smiles. 


Commodore Award:

Linda and Grant Albert.  Not only has Grant been a welcome support for me in the Commodore role as past Commodore, he has been very active in racing and cruising.  Linda has been supportive and active in cruising, especially for the Hat Island Cruise hosting, and for letting Grant sail while they are cruising.  Linda has been active in racing by letting Grant get away with so much “guy time” on their boat.  I have appreciated the welcoming my wife and I receive from both Linda and Grant, and the club organization and activities always see both of them participating.  And special thanks to Grant for getting the heater replaced and working just in time for the banquet!


Sailor of the Year:          

We recognize the entire Buus Family for all the active racing and cruising they did this year on Family Affair.  The Van Isle 360 and Swiftsure racing are significant races where they bring the MSA burgee and carry the spirit of our club to many different venues.  Chalk up a first in Round Whidbey race as well!


Captain Crunch:             

Sandy Buus for hard grounding at Anacortes in September.  If you get the boat out enough, you are bound to run into unfamiliar territory, and Sandy definitely ran into something --- though if we were to look at spy-satellite images, I think we’d find Tom was driving.  Oh well…the perpetual trophy will forever recognize Sandy as outstanding!


Doug Will Memorial 
Cruiser of Year:   Bruce and Margo Hayden were on every cruise in 2015 and continue to be guides and always helpful.  Especially recognized for the welcoming and support  provided to MSA memebrs and guests to make each cruise wonderful. 


Golden Shovel:               

Jim Stein and Ardea for hitting bottom on a Log Dodge race at the river entrance.  On BoB we lovingly call that rock “Dennis’ rock” as there is keel paint from BoB there too!   (I think I got my T-Bird iron keel to clang on that rock too, so Jim… you are in good company!)


MSA Club Champion:    

With full participation of five boats in all the race series, plus allowed a “low score drop,”  this created a tie  between two top boats.  Going back to the dropped race and averaging scores, by 20/100th of a point,   BoB beat Sweet Sue II.  This provided Joe Geck and Crew of BoB a perfect race season.  Also first in class at Foul Weather Bluff, third in class at Swiftsure and fourth overall in Round Whidbey.  The BoB consortium got out a little bit this year, and getting Sue Marsden her own J-32 cruising boat got a little extra weight out ofBoB


Rookie of the Year:        

Scott Spencer (and entire family!) from Gesundheit – over on “Fun” dock.  Scott moved up from dinghy racing to active cruising and a little racing as well.  4th in class for Fall Regatta but pretty darn good for Milltown rookie!  We’ll be watching for those Spencer boys taking the big boat across the line in the next few years.