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Racing Resources Update

posted Jan 7, 2019, 7:21 PM by Thomas Hunter   [ updated Jan 7, 2019, 7:23 PM ]

Happy New Year!

This year looks to be another good year for Milltown racers, with our regular set of race series including the Saratoga Sprint, and adding in an opportunity for a Leukemia Cup Regatta (more coming). Our pursuit races have some new destinations that should be fun races and even a decent cruise if one likes that stuff.  We have also seen a few more boats coming out and getting PHRF ratings. Remember to invite other boaters on your docks to join in some of our Milltown social events and special invites for the summer Log Dodge races!  Only way we can grow the club and race competition is to ask others to participate.  Our first change in race etiquette is to join up at the clubhouse after each race for results and guffaws. 

Monday evening at 7 is our first Racer meeting where we will finalize the Notice of Race for the year, turn in our annual racer registration which helps keep Milltown all afresh with confirmation of ratings and insurance, and finally discuss any rule changes for the year - like F-Mark is temp Orange only and the L-Mark at Langley is temp only as well.  Reminder also that regardless of the start and finish mark letter color, you always start headed toward the first mark of the course, and finish in the direction from the last mark of the course.   NO "Button Hook" finishes.  And for those who still wonder, the finish of a boat is when it first crosses the finish line, not the whole boat going across.  You start on the nose and you end on the nose.

Like last year we have created an on-line “Racer’s Booklet” which contains each series NOR, our MSA race rules, handy reference to the Safety Equipment Requirements, plus other interesting racing stuff.  Race calendar is on Page 5 and 2019 Registration is on Page 6.  pdf copies are also attached.  

Look the Races booklet and other good information as well as this years registration form in the Racers Resources page here.

Race Fleet Captain
Joe Geck
C&C 99  GECKO  "#1"  

A Fun Memorial Day Cruise to Langley!

posted May 29, 2018, 11:24 AM by Caolan O'Domhnaill   [ updated May 29, 2018, 11:49 AM ]

From the pictures documenting the weekend, it seems like the Memorial Day Weekend cruise to Langley was a well-attended and festive event!
Check out the pictures for yourself here.  Thanks to the crew of Family Affair for the photos.  If others have photos they'd like to add to the collection, send them to Mark at .

‘Round Whidbey Race Report – View from GECKO

posted May 28, 2018, 4:16 PM by Caolan O'Domhnaill

Our first race & shakedown cruise on GECKO went pretty good and we learned a lot about the boat.  Overall results for Round Whidbey:  4/9 for half way, 6/9 for full course.  Not too bad.  Here is the story:

Chris and Joe scrambled around Friday morning making sure we could fly all three sails and had control lines for whatever contingency came up.  This also included where to pile stuff in the boat as there is plenty of room, but no storage lockers.  Our delivery trip up to Cornet Bay was paused while we assessed a few unexpected leaks in the stern of the boat (only under motion though) – mini geysers through some pinholes repairs in the non-core area, but since it was not much more than a weeping stuffing box - and the auto bilge pump was working fine, we spent the rest of the time getting used to being on the water again and Joe cleaning.  Coming into Cornet Bay docks, they were a bit crowded on the outside, but open on inside.  As the tide was coming up and not going through a swing, we gave inside a try.  Oops!  A bump on a rock at 7.2 depth reading had us reversing out and side-tying third out, off of Family Affair.  A bit of MarineTex Epoxy repair stopped those pinhole leaks, then a bit of visiting, showing off the boat, a nice dinner, the skipper’s meeting, few last guffaws, then off to sleep.  (Dang that new furnace is nice!)

Saturday morning Ed, Jim, Brian and Steve showed up with their gear, and we found places to pile that stuff too.  Headed out through our traditional jaunt through the Deception Pass side channel - Canoe Pass, and we had enough time to try out the spinnaker.  The crew made some off-comment about having two clews – turns out it was because Joe had no clue.  He had packed the wrong spinnaker along, and had left the racing asymmetric spinnaker in his truck back in Everett.  Arrgghh!   We got a chance to fly the symmetrical off the sprit, and see the main and #3 headsail while playing around before the start. Nice to actually see all the sails working. 

We got a good start and were doing fine holding with the leaders (which we should as we were third fasted rated (105) behind Family Affair (62)).  The wind was light and we had a surprising current push down the Whidbey shore.  About a mile from Partridge Point, we launched the “cruising” spinnaker that Dennis had given us from his J-32.  Worked pretty good and allowed us a chance to see how everything worked.  Coming around the point, we switched to the symmetrical spinnaker off the sprit, and seemed to be holding our position well.  This allowed us to gybe through about 120 degrees and did quite well as we were able to stay with Family Affair all the way past Double Bluff.  Our nemesis Espresso, having a different strategy, had gone out across the shipping lanes at Partridge Point.  This did not work so well for them as they turned into a tiny green spinnaker spot on the horizon, as we reveled in our luck and skill.

The mid-way point at Scachet Head had us right behind the proverbial leaders – Family Affair and Vertigo – and we were playing cat and mouse with a Jenneau 36.  Seeing the big split in the fleet, we figured we had a good chance at 3rd or 4th place to the halfway results.  Not bad for the first time sailing, and without the racing chute!  Winds were starting to lighten and we could see rain clouds passing over Bremerton area.  Going around our last navigation buoy at Possession Point, Ed started on dinner preparation, and we watched as the wind filled the hole ahead of us and Family Affair showed how to get through Possession Sound.  With the rain clouds coming, we expected some wind, but no luck.  Just south of Clinton, we were becalmed and then rained upon.  Like the directions on your shampoo, it was wash, rinse, repeat.  After the third cycle and right before the last daylight, we got a little breeze from behind which pulled the rest of the fleet together.  Now going into the night, it was trading tacks with Vertigo, Espresso and the Jenneau (Pearl Jem).  The SailFlow predicted winds of “meager to light” were way off.  The rest of the night we had 20-32 MPH apparent winds as we tacked up Saratoga Passage – but fortunately very little rain.  A couple emergency repairs in middle of the night – electrical breaker kicking off the nav lights, electric bilge pump running dry then jamming – just things that were part of the shake down.  Joe took over the driving the last 5 miles and we finished right about 4:30 a.m., a few minutes behind Espresso and Pearl Jem

When we got tied to dock and traded jabs with Espresso, the crew cleaned up a few things, and then Joe reached into the liquor locker to make breakfast cocktails, only to find the bottle of vodka had broken.  Maybe the bilge pump ran dry or maybe it was just intoxicated?  Oh well, breakfast with hot coffee was just as good!  Pretty amazing how much stuff the crew took off the boat as they were leaving for home.  Chris and Joe left dock about 6:00 and made the trip back down to Everett with no further major discoveries.

A successful first sail and race!   With winds from light to 32 apparent, no one got hurt, we did not break anything (just the vodka bottle), we were fastest C&C 99, we did not finish last (though we were the slowest Milltown boat), and we learned a ton about the boat.  We were all impressed with the motion of the boat underway, and happy with the deep keel as it did not require hiking on the rail to keep the boat flat.  Lots of things yet to do, but a great start!


spotted gecko

MSA Results:  Congrats to Family Affair and Espresso – First and Second Place Overall!   Sorcerer finished 5th and GECKO 6th.

Memorial Day Cruise to Langley!

posted May 7, 2018, 3:52 PM by Caolan O'Domhnaill


This year the Memorial Day Cruise will again be to the Port of South Whidbey, Langley WA.  Our fabulous Hosts will be Bill Bond and Janet Bacon aboard the fine S/V My Sunshine. They have an eventful weekend planned for us all to enjoy.

  • Friday night: planned activities.  A portable fire pit to keep warm on the dock will likely be available.
  • Saturday morning:  Bill and Janet will provide continental breakfast (coffee, muffins, and fruit).
  • Saturday afternoon:  MSA traditional beer can sailboat races.  Participants should bring their own supplies (beer cans, string, tape, fabric, straws, sticks, rubber bands, etc). All entries must be built that day on site during allotted time and must have a sail and a mast.  No beach balls 😉. Let’s start the building anytime that day with all boats complete by 2:30.  This year, there will be 3 heats (TBD).  Prizes will be awarded for 1st place in each heat. 
  • Saturday night:  Bill will make his signature spaghetti sauce and pasta.  Everyone else is asked to bring salads or desserts that go along with spaghetti.
  • Sunday morning:  Bill and Janet will provide breakfast (freezer bag omelettes and coffee). Please bring sides to share. 
  • Sunday afternoon- Boat renaming ceremony.  Hopefully our distinguished guest from Asia renewed his VISA and will be present to do the honors.
  • Sunday evening:  Red, White, and Blue HEAVY appetizers POTLUCK.  This will be in place of dinner.
  • Monday...everyone on their own.
Important Note:  Space is limited at Langley -- Port of South Whidbey -- so it is important to sign up early.  We have only 20 slips including rafting reserved so be sure to sign up by May 18th to get a spot.   After the 18th it will be space as available or anchor out. 

 Please confirm to Grant at 425-387-4155 or e-mail   the following:

  • Are you arriving       Friday or Saturday
  • Are you Departing    Sunday or Monday 
  • Boat Name, Contact Name & Cell phone #
  • Length Overall (exact from bow sprit to end of dinghy or overhang)  
  • Beam, Draft, and Port or Starboard Tie Preference
  • Sail or Power
  • Are you willing to Raft?
  • Shore Power            30 or 50 amp

Busy Weekend at Milltown!

posted Apr 18, 2018, 12:08 PM by Caolan O'Domhnaill


Come join the racing fun on Saturday, April 21, as Milltown Sailing Association hosts their Spring Regatta!
Grant Albert and the Mei Li crew will be our Race Committee.  See the Notice of Race on page 14 of the 2018 Racing Booklet . 
Skippers' Meeting in the Clubhouse at 10 am with races beginning at noon.  Racing will consist of three round-the-buoy races followed by awards, food & drink, and friendly camaraderie in the Clubhouse.

Then on Sunday, April 22, 1:00-2:30 pm, bring all your crew to learn about saving lives with the LifeSling!
Ever have someone fall overboard?  Getting them back on board can be quite a challenge!  Come "learn the ropes" about this lifesaving tool for boaters.

Find Your Treasure at Milltown's Marine Swap Meet This Saturday, April 14

posted Apr 9, 2018, 1:30 PM by Caolan O'Domhnaill   [ updated Apr 9, 2018, 1:31 PM ]


Marine Swap Meet         Hosted by Milltown Sailing  Association  of Everett 

Cartoon treasure chest clipart clipartfest

            Saturday,  April 14, 2018, 7am-2pm   (gates open @ 6 am  for sellers)

        Everett Marina  Central Docks,  410- 14th Street, Everett, WA 98201

                                 MSA  Clubhouse and  parking lot 

Find that PERFECT fitting, engine part, gizmo, or go-fast at the Swap Meet!


Empty  your  lazarette and come to this sale at the largest public marina on West Coast.

Sellers:  Reserve  your  spot  today –

-$10- outdoor  lot 

-$20 - indoor  space  ( table + chairs  included)

 Parking included for all sellers

Open and Free for the public to attend!

Registration  for sellers  and  information

Vaughn  425-985-7795

The Racing Booklet

posted Mar 23, 2018, 9:00 PM by Thomas Hunter   [ updated Mar 23, 2018, 9:00 PM ]

Yay, we have one comprehensive "book" that has all the notice of race and sailing instructions.  You can find the link here at the 2018 Racing Booklet. (Thanks to CYC Seattle for the idea!) I have the booklet linked in several area including the racing page as well as the racing resources page if you lose track of this post.   The race captain and I will work on working the link into the series pages but that may take some time.  Stay tuned.  If you ever have a  correction (like last years results / NOR that are still on the site), email me at msa_admin<at>  (Note the spam bot preventer)

Marine Swap Meet - Save the Date!

posted Mar 9, 2018, 10:55 PM by Caolan O'Domhnaill   [ updated Mar 9, 2018, 11:08 PM ]

Save the Date! Marine Swap Meet

Marine Swap Meet         Hosted by Milltown Sailing  Association  of Everett 

Date- Apr 14, 2018, Saturday     7am-2pm   (gates open @ 6 am  for sellers)

Place –Everett Marina  Central Docks,  410- 14th Street, Everett, WA 98201

MSA  Clubhouse and  parking lot 

Empty  your  lazarette and come to largest public marina on West Coast.

Reserve  your  spot  today –

-$10- outdoor  lot 

-$20 - indoor  space  ( table + chairs  included)

 Parking included for all sellers

Open and Free for the public to attend!

Registration  for sellers  and  information

Vaughn  425-985-7795

Sydney Hobart 2017

posted Jan 3, 2018, 7:29 PM by Thomas Hunter   [ updated Jan 3, 2018, 8:42 PM ]

On Boxing Day in Australia, I had luckily found the livestream for the start of the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Ocean race (Don't want lawyers coming after me!).  I took time out of Xmas meal preparation and watched the start.  Quite intense!  Anyway once Black Jack and Commanche rounded the first mark, I got busy making dinner for my daughters. (after that the action is done and it's just a long slog to Hobart.)  Low and behold, we kept it runnning and I hear all sorts of commotion from the announcers. Wow, who knew the pros would get into an interesting rules infraction on an ocean race!.  Here is a  link to the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart courtesy of Channel 7 (more cya, also too likely only works on a PC) Courtesy of sailing anarchy.  I wanted to point out the cool calm collected Jimmy Spithill who you can hear on the audio.  He is 30 seconds ahead of life.  Before the cross, you will first hear him say we will have an "evasive event", next comes the call of Starboard (likely for the audio!) and then his commentary to his tactician, "likely protest here",  then after he yells protest, he talks calmly to his tactician, do you "want me to bail out or hold". Darn!  That is good seamanship!

While out on the sailing anarchy site, I also wanted to point out to the club members  and other interested to another awesome post from sailing anarchy on the true chevy of boats, the T-bird!  (And no that does not involve giving hand gestures!),  Check out the link on the Thunderbirds here!  Per the post, 

It’s hard to find a boat that can race fast and cruise comfortably without breaking the bank, but 60 years and over 1200 sailors and their families have shown the Thunderbird to be a badass and versatile solution.

There is a great video showing the boats racing at Port Townsend and discussing the history of the class.  Hope you enjoy and happy new year!

Moorage Special Offer from Port of South Whidbey at Langley

posted Sep 17, 2017, 9:35 PM by Caolan O'Domhnaill

 Duncan McPhee, the Harbormaster at the South Whidbey Harbor in Langley, contacted us with the following generous offer for guest moorage:

  • "I would like to pass along a mooring special that our facility is offering in hopes that you will share with your Club Members. We will be offering a complimentary Wednesday night's moorage when a guest stays with us on Monday and Tuesday."

To arrange moorage, call Duncan at 360-221-1120 or email .
You can also submit a reservation request online at

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