Sail Chat

What is Sail Chat? 

Sail chat is an open discussion hosted by Ken Wachter over Zoom on every third Wednesday of the month. Whether you are a beginner or have several years of experience, you can ask questions and share your sailing/boating knowledge, techniques, and experiences with other sailors. Anyone interested in attending can email Ken Wachter at

  • December 2020 Winterizing your boat:

    1. a)  Do you have check list of what you need to do before the winter hits?

    2. b)  Do I need a heater or a dehumidifier or both?

    3. c)  Holding tank maintenance

    4. d)  What to do topside of your boat.

  • January 2021 - What and what not to pack for a long trip:

    1. a)  Understanding what to bring and what not to bring on a long trip

    2. b)  What storage containers work best for storing food, clothes, and water

    3. c)  What is the best cooler for me on my trip?

  • February 2021 - What you should have for a safe boating experience in the Northwest:

    1. a)  Do you have a check list of what you need before you depart?

    2. b)  Do you have everything you need to be safe on the water?

    3. c)  Do you know what to do if you have a boating accident on the water?

    4. d)  Do you have all your necessary paperwork and insurance?

  • March 2021 - Racing, what you need to know:

    1. a)  What do you need to know about the rules for racing?

    2. b)  How do I know the course for the race that I am participating in?

    3. c)  How many people make for a good race team?

    4. d)  Do I need to have my boat registered with any racing association to race?

  • April 2021 - Man overboard, how to get back into your boat:

    1. a)  What to do if someone goes overboard

    2. b)  Do I have the right equipment to bring someone back on board?

    3. c)  What are the things I need to do once I get person that went overboard back onto my boat?

  • May 2021 - Tide and current; how it affects your sailing:

    1. a)  How do I read a tide table?

    2. b)  How do I read a current table?

    3. c)  How does the current affect my travel?

    4. d)  How does the tide affect my boat?

  • June 2021 - The differ type of sails:

    1. a)  What is the difference in sails?

    2. b)  What you need to know before purchasing your next sail.

    3. c)  What maintenance are required on my sails?

  • July 2021 - ABCs of anchoring:

           a) Chain or rope, what is the difference and what should I use?

           b) How to calculate how much line to leave out.

           c) What size of anchor should my boat have?

  1. d)  Stern anchoring, when should I do a stern anchor?

  2. e)  When to tie up to shore and use an anchor

  3. f)  How to use a buoy ball

  • August 2021 - Trimming the sails:

    1. a)  How to trim sails for the best results

    2. b)  How do I trim the main to the head sail?

    3. c)  What should I look for when trimming my sails?

  • September 2021- Knots, ropes, lines, and sheets:

    1. a)  Which knot is the best overall knot?

    2. b)  How to tie all those knots

    3. c)  Which rope should I use for tying knots?

    4. d)  What are the different types of lines?

    5. e)  When should I replace my lines and sheets?

  • October 2021 - Women behind the helm:

    1. a)  How to take control of the boat.

    2. b)  How to call out the commands like a pro.

    3. c)  How does the helmsman control the heeling of the boat?

  • November 2021 - What should I know before leaving the dock with guests?

    1. a)  Do you have a check list?

    2. b)  Do you have enough life jackets?

    3. c)  Is there a clear role for each guest and do they know how to carry it out?

  • December 2021 - Basic boat maintenance:

    1. a)  When and how should I change my oil?

    2. b)  Understanding the basic maintenance of your winches.

    3. c)  When should I pull my boat out to bottom paint?

    4. d)  How do clean my holding tank?

    5. e)  How to check my batteries?

    6. f)  How to check your boats rigging.

    7. g)  How to make a check list for your boat.

    8. h)  When should I call a pro?

  • January 2022 - Selling or buying a boat:

    1. a)  What should I be looking at before I take the plunge?

    2. b)  Should I use a boat broker to sell my boat?

    3. c)  What type of insurance should I purchase for my boat?

    4. d)  How old is too old of a boat to purchase?

  • February 2022 - Rules of the road (Water):

    1. a)  Understand the basic rules

    2. b)  How to read the markers

    3. c)  What to know when you are cruising inland waters and offshore?

  • March 2022 - So, you want to be a liveaboard:

    1. a)  What should you know before becoming a liveaboard?

    2. b)  What size of boat makes the best liveaboard?

  • April 2022 - Cooking on your boat:

    1. a)  What are some of the best meal to cook aboard my boat?

    2. b)  How to cook aboard my boat.

    3. c)  What type of pots and pans should I purchase?

    4. d)  Do I need an oven or microwave?