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Saratoga Sprint 2015 Race Entry Form

This race will be conducted by the Milltown Sailing Association race Committee under the rules listed in section 2 below.  Please attach a check for Race Fees (Refer to Section 5 below) payable to “Milltown Sailing Association” and mail to the address listed at the bottom of the entry form by Wednesday, May 27, 2015.  Class breaks will be determined after the registration deadline and announced at the Skipper’s Meeting prior to the start of the event. SEE THE BELOW THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM.

May 30, 2015       Skippers Meeting 8:00am       10:00am Start (8 hour time limit)                  

1.     Notice of Race: the official Notice of Race for each event will be posted at the MSA clubhouse prior to the start each event.  An unofficial Notice of Race may be posted on the MSA website as a courtesy to competitors.

2.     Rules: each race will be conducted by the MSA Race Committee under the following:

                  I.    MSA Race Committee Instructions

                 II.    Notice of Race.

                III.    MSA Racing Rules.

                IV.    ISAF Racing Rules, as adopted by US Sailing.
These rules have been listed in the order of precedence should there by any conflict between two or more of these rules sources.

3.     Membership:  Current PHRF Membership and a valid rating are required for all vessels.

4.     Safety: All yachts must comply with PIYA Nearshore+ equipment requirements, except as amended in MSA Racing Rules.

5.     Fees: MSA Members - $30 per event or pre-paid annual race fee.   Guests - $30.  Race fees and registration must be received prior to the start of this event.  A Late Fee of $10.00 may be assessed for entries not received by 6:00 pm, Wednesday May 27.

6.     Verification: All entrants should be prepared to verify their handicap, membership status, PIYA compliance and/or class eligibility at the demand of the MSA Race Committee, Race Chair or Fleet Captain.


Skipper____________________________________________________ Phone____________________________________




Email_______________________________________________________________ ________________________________


Boat name___________________________________________________________________ Sail No__________________


Mfg. / Designer: _______________________________________________________________ Length__________________


I wish to race: FS_________ NFS_________ PHRF Rating: _________ PHRF Code_____________


In consideration for participating in this event, I represent to its organizers that my yacht has liability insurance currently in effect, covering property damage, personal injury and death in an amount not less than $300,000 per occurrence, and that the policy covers yacht racing activities. I acknowledge that the decision to enter my yacht and participate in this race is solely my own and I hereby release Milltown Sailing Association from liability for any damages I may suffer as a result thereof. I agree to be bound by the International Yacht Racing Rules as adopted by US SAILING including national prescriptions, except as modified by the Vessel Traffic Safety Rules, the organizers, and the Race Notice for this event. I will monitor VHF channel 14 when in the vicinity of and while occupying the VTS lanes.


Signature of registrant________________________________________________ Date_______________


Mail completed form to:   Milltown Sailing Association, PO Box 2963, Everett, WA 98023 – Attention: Race Registration or email to    Questions: Dave Motter Race Fleet Captain 425-516-5964

Mar 30, 2015, 11:14 AM