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November Race Fleet Captain's Message 

We have one more race in our COVID compromised race season.  November 21 will be our last scheduled race for 2020, Brian Dale and the crew of Sunday will be RC for that day.  Likely they will be out at the B-Mark onboard Happy Seal, who has dodger, heater and cruising ground tackle for steady anchoring.  I'll send out confirmation of B-Mark start next week.

This past Saturday we had a very nice day racing with Jim O and the crew of EXIT as RC dreaming up some good courses.  The winds were predicted to be in the low teens and building, which prompted a few boats to get ready their small headsails.  As the starting time approached, the winds abated and Espresso was the first to switch to larger headsail.  I think I was last to call for the switch, and my crew did a great job of rapidly changing out the jib for the genoa...all without too much eye-rolling and harumpfs directed at the skipper.  EXIT had the boats on a start line upwind to O-Mark, then a reach or run out to H or G marks.  Good sailing all day and only for a little bit did the winds pick up into the mid-teens.  Everyone got around the course fine and I again got handed a cup of cold-coffee from Espresso who heated up the long course for the day with a first across the line win.  With the weather warming up a bit, we stuck around after the finish and cheered on the finishing boats.  It was a good day to be out and enjoying the good Fall weather and good friends.  

At the end of the day, the series is pretty sewn up in A-Fleet with Espresso having four first place finishes so far.  In B-Fleet it comes down to Outlier and Sunday duking it out for top results there -- as Sunday gets an RC average, it is up to Outlier to get a bullet to pull off an upset by the rookie Brian Dale.   In C-Fleet, the first race was a bust, but Orange Blob has come back and looks like he could take the series, but as there are no throw-outs left for them, this next race could cause an upset.  In Double/Single Class Mei Li has done a beautiful thing in their finishes this series, and next week's competition in that fleet will be for second place between Isloa and Cats Paw.   Results are up-to-date on the website except we mistakenly show EXIT in B fleet results.  

Reminder on finishing direction.  No matter what color the Race Committee puts up for the finish mark, the direction to cross the finish line is always directly from the last mark.  If you think of the finish as a line defined between the RC and the chosen mark (typically B or Y for Milltown) then you cross the line from the direction of the last mark.   It is one of those things in the racing rules that can be a bit confusing as there is no finish mark nor starting mark.  Marks are for rounding or passing.  Start and finish are lines for crossing.   Unless defined different in the Sailing Instructions, the starting and finishing lines are between the RC flag and a mark or object defining the other end.  If you get it wrong, usually you can un-do your course and finish in the correct direction.    

COVID Cases rising and sailboat racing impacts

The magazine 48 North sent out this quote from governor's office as part of a November 5 post regarding Washington State Government limitations on sailboat racing:  

“The Governor has no plans to issue sailboat racing guidelines. Sailboat racing is currently allowed just as recreational boating in general is allowed and has been allowed. The only limitation would be for number of crew members. That would be subject to the same limitations as guided fishing and similar activities: 12.”  

Race Fleet Captain
Joe Geck
C&C 99  GECKO  "#1"