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June 12, 2021 Race Fleet Captain's Message 

Friday Log Dodge had a great turn out for our 6:30 river start.  Fifteen or so boats were out, all greeting members we've not seen for a while, like Mark Woodard showing off his Flicka and the SeaScouts out with a huge crew.  For our first Log Dodge of the year, the weather was warm and sunny bright.  The wind was having a shy day, and after an interesting start, it pretty much left for the evening.  None-the-less, the Milltown sailors headed out for 60 minutes and then headed back for the finish line.  I'm not sure if any boats actually made the finish line as most of us began to motor back against the river current a bit after 8:30.  My Sunshine and GECKO made it out the furthest to visit with Lady Washington, and both were playing with their asym spinnakers to try and make their way back.  A good evening of being out on our boats!   This Friday Dave Hett and Nick WIlson on Jabez will provide the 5 minute start sequence.  

For an opposite day of sailing, the Saratoga Sprint race on Saturday started out with light airs but soon built and built and built.   Short course was set for rounding Hat Island on the way to Camano Head and then back around the island before the finish at B-Mark.  I received several notes describing the tactics many of the boats took to shorten sail to just make it back in one piece.  All were happy to have wind after the last Mid-Distance race, but this was on the edge of keeping it fun.   For the long course, the fleet headed straight up past Hat Island and into some real wind building off of Sandy Point.  It was 20+ the whole way up Saratoga Passage to Holmes Harbor with apparent winds reported to 30 knots.   All the boats made the mark, and the few that did not chicken-gybe, wished that they had.  The run back down was wing-on-wing for all the boats except Hula Girl, who gybed down the course for an excellent finish.  Espresso reported that they did four head sail changes while finding new levels of being wet.  Wily B looked great all day, keeping on the heels of the lead boats, and turned in a first place for the day.  Both Happy Seal and Mei Li reported round-ups during their races.   The Overall winners for the day were Sunday, Exhilaration and Wily B.   Series winners (I think I got the throw-out scores and RC averaging correct on-line) were Espresso, Sunday and Exhilaration.  This was a good series with 17 boats participating. 

As we begin to plan for celebrating our 40th year as a Sailing Association, here is a bit of trivia/history for you.  Attached is the PHRF historical roster of boats shown for Milltown.  How many boats do you remember?  There will be a prize for the most at one of our July/August Log Dodge gatherings.   

Our Next PHRF Race will be August 14th Milltown/CYC Edmonds Challenge here at home.  Log Dodges every Friday through August 13 except for July 2 which is not scheduled.  Starting July 9 begins the second series of Log Dodge, and we are planning/hoping to return to traditional Log Dodge with gatherings for results after the race.  Dave Hett will lead that series and will come up with the weekly themes.  Looking for RC sign-up for six races!  

And finally I've not yet received any completion times for the new challenge courses (attached for reminder.)   Hmmm...maybe tomorrow if I get my race repairs done before noon....😀

Race Fleet Captain
Joe Geck
C&C 99  GECKO  "#1"