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Notice of Race

Saratoga Sprint

Saturday May 30, 2015

1.         Rules:  This race is governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing except as modified by the MSA General Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race.

2.         Eligibility and Entry Deadline: This race is open to MSA members and non-members.  PHRF membership is mandatory.  Entries must be received by MSA no later than 1800, on the                            Wednesday before the race.  Entry forms are available at (  There is an entry fee of $30.00 for all yachts payable with the completed race entry form.  See GSI for late entry             policy.

3.         Divisions and Starting Time:This race will have FS and NFS divisions.  Division breaks will be posted at the MSA clubhouse and the MSA website by 1800 the Friday before the race.  The 1st             Division start is 1000.  Entries must clearly specify whether the boat will race in FS or NFS divisions.  In the absence of a specific election on the Entry form, boats will be assumed to be                    racing in the NFS Divisions.

4.        Race Distance and Course:Yachts with a PHRF rating of 180 and lower will race the 28 mile feature course.  Yachts with a PHRF above 180 and NFS divisions will race the 16 mile course.                Scoring is Time on Time.

5          Time Limit: Each yacht shall have 8 hours from the scheduled start of its division to finish the race.  Any yacht not finishing within the 8 hour limit shall be scored DNF

6.         Skippers’ Meeting: A Skippers’ Meeting will be held at the MSA clubhouse at 0800 on race day.  Copies of the MSA Sailing Instructions will be available for non-members.

7.     Awards: Trophy presentation and Raffle will start at 1900 on the day of the race at the MSA clubhouse (pending protest hearings).  Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in                each division.