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Opening Day celebration

2019 Cruise Highlights

posted Mar 14, 2015, 9:43 PM by   [ updated Jun 1, 2019, 7:55 AM by Kristi Rimkus ]

Port of South Whidbey at Langley May 24-27


Once again we had a wonderful (and Memorial!) cruise to Langley to celebrate Memorial Day and the beginning of summertime sailing.  A great big THANK YOU to Janet and Bill (S/V My Sunshine) for hosting this 3 day weekend.  They had their hands full keeping 17 boats-full of people fed and entertained throughout the weekend.  Bill's "Signature Lasagne" was delicious and especially appreciated on the damp and chilly first night.  By Sunday morning the sun finally made an appearance which  made the made to order "freezer bag" omelets even more enjoyable on the dock.  We think everyone would agree that the "make your own beer can sailboat" race was a highlight of the cruise; very challenging for people to create a sea-worthy sailing vessel out of cans, tape, string, a rubber ducky, a fan, a kite, etc, etc.  Plus factor in the wind, current, waves, ferry, pilings, etc. etc.  So you can probably imagine it was a funny site to see.  There were so many winners (and losers!) that it is impossible to name them all; just know that it was fun for all!

Sunday afternoon the Chinese Sea General was granted permission to arrive in Langley to perform the Annual Boat Renaming Ceremony.  Two boats were renamed with lots of noise and celebration.  Welcome Isloa (now officially renamed) and Sky Rim!

As always the best part of the Milltown cruise was the time spent with our boating friends.  Visiting with people dockside during the day and sitting around the "fire pit" during the chilly evening is a wonderful opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other.  The live music and singing was wonderful!

Many thanks to all for helping make the cruise a success!

Your Cruising Captains

Linda and Grant Albert, S/V Mei Li         

Hat Island Marina April 26-27

The "Search for the Missing Mouse Treasure" to Hat Island was a success!  The flashlights were discovered as part of the treasure hunt "for a safer and simpler life" and fresh new light bulbs were awarded to the winners of the scavenger/trivia contest!!  Everyone had a fun weekend discovering the island, getting re-acquainted with old friends and making new friends. And, of course, no one went away hungry thanks to the delicious and plentiful potluck foods!

As usual the weather gave us all something to talk about.  Friday morning the sky was clear and seas were calm.  By mid-day it was obvious the marine forecast of 20-25 knots from the north was correct.  Despite the gusty winds and choppy seas by Friday evening 14 boats came bouncing across the water from Everett  to Hat Island.  All day Saturday the winds prevailed but that didn't stop 3 more boats from joining us, so we had a total of 17 boats for the cruise.  By Sunday the wind had calmed down so we were able to sit on the dock and enjoy the beach without the threat of being blown over!  Hopefully everyone had a nice cruise home.  I heard that some people were fortunate to see the gray whales.

Your Cruising Captains

Linda and Grant Albert, S/V Mei Li         

Port Ludlow Marina March 16-17


We had a great start to our 2019 Cruising Season with the cruise to Port Ludlow marina last weekend.  11 boats and several people came by cars to have fun celebrating Saint Patrick's Day with food and games.  People put out their best to enter the best Irish food and best green food contest. And we had some wonderful entries for the write your own limerick contest.  Once again it became apparent that our club is full of members with talent!  Many thanks go to Valerie and James on SV Isola for hosting the weekend.  The prizes were much appreciated. Valerie served a wonderful breakfast on Sunday morning with cheese, fruit, and home made muffins.  Delicious!!

This cruise was also the first Pursuit Race which gave everyone a chance to unfurl their sails and take on the challenge of racing downwind, upwind and no wind.  At one point we were treated with a view of snow covered mountains from all directions (the Oympics, Cascades, Mount Rainier and Mount Baker).  Add in the warmth of the sunshine and we had a truly wonderful weekend  being on the water!

Your Cruising Captains

Linda and Grant Albert, S/V Mei Li         

Cruise to the Seattle Boat Show Yacht Club Challenge Winners


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