Board of Directors

2017 Board of Directors


Tom Buus


     I have always been fascinated with sailing ever since I was a child. I built my first sail boat when I was 12, it was only a model schooner but I did sail it on lake Washington. It was tough to keep up with while I was swimming! Since then I have owned 2 sailing dinghies. One of them was a C-Lark 14, I got the speed bug from this boat. I had it flying at 24 mph on Banks Lake with a homemade spinnaker! With a family it was time for a bigger boat. In 2008 Sandy, my parents and I purchased Family Affair a Beneteau 45F5. It is the 4th larger boat that Sandy, my parents and I have shared. The first one is still in the horse pasture. We have enjoyed cruising and racing with Family Affair. She has carried us all around the San Juan islands,  to Victoria multiple times and to Maui and back twice. During the 2014 Vic Maui we experienced both ends of the wind spectrum, 3 days of almost no wind and 20 hours of Tropical Storm Wali. We are currently preparing for the Van Isle 360. This will be our last major ocean race for a while. We plan on taking her to Alaska in 2016 .I hope to see everyone over the coming year either at the club house or out on the water.

Vice Commodore

Pam Dittrich




Sandy Buus




Moe Sitz








Nick Wilson




Dale Beech


    I’m happy to be a Trustee for our club this year. Please contact me with your thoughts and ideas to make this group work well and add to your enjoyment of sailing.

    My sailing life began with lessons right here in Everett in my early 20s. I sailed on boats from the charter club, crewing out of Shilshole and Lake Union for some racing. I went into a “boat buddy” relationship for about 15 years and several boats. Sailed out of Anacortes with friends and family, including many vacations in the San Juans. We got a boat divorce after my young daughter said she had seen a boat on the dock she was sure I would like. She was right, I went about researching and acquiring one. In 2009 I made Everett home port for our family boat. Joining Milltown has added a few races and many cruises and friends to our boat fun. We have been as far north as Desolation Sound. I enjoy as many days on the water as I can. The adventure continues…


 Trustee and Past Commodore

Joe Geck


     I started sailing in 1988 by taking a class through the Everett Parks and Rec.  It was 4 weeks of Friday Night Log Dodge and it was a gas!  I was hooked.  Co-workers at Boeing pulled me into weekday nights at Kirkland on J-22s.  Then through Dennis Marsden, we soon ended up as crew in Everett with Gary Meisner (Consort) and developed life-long friendships there – some over cold beverages at the last Son-of-PITCH regattas!  After many years of crewing for Gary, he was ready to move to a Nordic Tug, and T-Bird 1001 was for sale in Everett (old Doc Varley’s boat).  After being pummeled at T-Bird regionals in Port Townsend, I got GECKO back in shape and talked a few others in Everett into racing their T-Birds.  Soon we had T-Bird Fleet 13 active for a few years – we even hosted the Northwest Regionals out of Milltown where I beat Kalua in the last race for a tie and fleet champion.  But families and job changes soon had us back to just PHRF racing.  Dennis and Sue Marsden moved back to land and Dennis was getting a J-30 into racing.  Being ol’ Consort Crew members, he asked if I wanted to partner with him on BoB.  Bye-bye T-Bird and hello J-30.  It was a marriage made for sailors.  He liked to sail and I like to organize, clean and plan.  After the initial grating of having a partner wore off, we raced and cruised BoB all around the region for many years: Swiftsure, Tri-Island series, PITCH, J-Fest, ‘Round Whidbey, Milltown.  We have continued the T-Bird yearly tradition of getting awards at Foulweather Bluff Race (2004-2014 class and overall awards) and even got invited to SYC Grand Prix three years running.  Now that our crew was getting to the age where kids’ events and social obligations got in the way of squandering a perfectly good day on the water, we have tapered down to mainly the Milltown races plus four or five out-of-town races each year.  In August this year, we did back-to-back weekends with AYC NC100 race and BYC PITCH.  PITCH was a tough one where we finished second to last in our fleet.  When my wife asked how the day of racing was, I replied “our best day was 10 years ago!”  Our J-30 BoB partnership recently transitioned as Dennis moved up to a J-32 where he and Sue can cruise more, but he still is active on the BoB crew.  We have been together as a crew on BoB for 9 years and have enjoyed the time together – four of us have been racing together for over 20 years.  As a crew we get together a couple times a year for “dinghy-days” - BBQ and dinghy racing/kayak/canoe trips; we moon over each other’s boat building projects; family 4th of July sail; enjoy San Juan 21 Fleet 1 race reports; we have a “BoB-toberfest” family party to celebrate our year; we poke fun at our failures and successes!


2017 Appointed Chairs

 Cruise Fleet Captain

Linda & Grant Albert 



 Race Fleet Captain

Joe Geck


Youth Fleet Captain
Paul Van Slyck

  Paul is the skipper of the Everett Sea Scout Ship 226.  Check out

 PHRF Handicapper

Alan Grim



Membership Coordinator

Vaughn Winslow

    We, Natalie and I,  have been a member of Milltown for close to 30 years. I started sailing a couple of years before that when my girlfriend now wife, Natalie, signed me up for some sailing lessons. As members before children, we went on club cruises on our Newport 30 (Pou Ours Miel) and raced as crew on various other boats where we gained most of our experience in preparation for offshore sailing.  After the children came along we raced less but cruised more often.  As a family we all love sailing and spending time on the boat. Twelve years ago we sold the Newport 30 and bought a Valiant 40 and cruised around the sound for a year before venturing offshore as a family. Natalie and I  spent two years with our daughters boat schooling them as we sailed south along the west coast of the Americas. We made it as far South as the Galapagos Islands before heading back to the west coast of Central America and the return north. As a family we all made the hop to Hawaii from mainland Mexico spending 24 days together. We still love spending time together on the boat.  Since our return and the daughters are now out on their own, Natalie and I once again have returned to Milltown as active members.

 Clubhouse Rental

Chip Handewith



Clubhouse Maintenance

Nick Wilson
Reciprocal Moorage

Mark Wilkins
Long Range Planning

Joe Geck