Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors


Pam Dittrich
Mark and I joined Milltown in 2006 after purchasing our 27’ Erickson, Sound Wave. Mark grew up in New Hampshire and spent summers sailing his mother’s Cape Dory in Cape Cod.  I was not an experienced sailor but fell in love with sailing soon after becoming a boat owner. We spent that first summer sailing to local ports and noticed how much fun people who were there in clubs were having together and thought we should probably look for something like this in Everett.  Soon after, when we had the Soundwave on the hard to paint the bottom, Andrew Harvilla, the Commodore at the time, came by and talked with us about Milltown. We went to a meeting and then a cruise and were soon members.  That 27’ Erickson was soon too small for us tall people and we found our 36’ Pearson, renamed her Else after Mark’s Norwegian grandmother and brought her back from neglect to the great S/V she is today.  I enjoyed serving the club as Cruise Director for several years before becoming Commodore. 

Vice Commodore

Dale Beech
My sailing life began with lessons right here in Everett in my early 20s. I sailed on boats from the charter club, crewing out of Shilshole and Lake Union for some racing. I went into a “boat buddy” relationship for about 15 years and several boats. Sailed out of Anacortes with friends and family, including many vacations in the San Juans. We got a boat divorce after my young daughter said she had seen a boat on the dock she was sure I would like. She was right, I went about researching and acquiring one. In 2009 I made Everett home port for our family boat. Joining Milltown has added a few races and many cruises and friends to our boat fun. We have been as far north as Desolation Sound. I enjoy as many days on the water as I can. The adventure continues…

Secretary Sandy Buus
Treasurer Moe Sitz
Trustee Dave Hett
Trustee David Pollon
Trustee Sue Marsden
 Tom Buus
 Ken Watcher

2020 Appointed Chairs

Cruise Fleet Captain Linda & Grant Albert 
Race Fleet Captain Joe Geck
Youth Fleet Captain  Paul Van Slyck
PHRF Handicapper Alan Grim
Membership Coordinator
 Glen Birkvold
Clubhouse Rental Chip Handewith
Clubhouse Maintenance
 Nick Wilson
Reciprocal Moorage Bruce Gary