Board of Directors

2021 Board of Directors


Dale Beech

My sailing life began with lessons right here in Everett in my early 20s. I sailed on boats from the charter club, crewing out of Shilshole and Lake Union for some racing. I went into a “boat buddy” relationship for about 15 years and several boats. Sailed out of Anacortes with friends and family, including many vacations in the San Juans.

We got a boat divorce after my young daughter said she had seen a boat on the dock she was sure I would like. She was right, I went about researching and acquiring one. In 2009 I made Everett home port for our family boat. Joining Milltown has added a few races and many cruises and friends to our boat fun. We have been as far north as Desolation Sound. I enjoy as many days on the water as I can. The adventure continues…

Vice Commodore

Chip Hendewith

My brother and I have been sailing together since 1973 and we still sail to this day. Currently Marianne and I are celebrating 5 wonderful years living aboard in the Everett marina.

I still enjoy racing with my brother on his boat and cruising on our boat every time we get the chance. We are very grateful for the Milltown Sailing community and are looking forward to many new adventures with the club.

Secretary Sandy Buus
Treasurer Steve Lucas
Trustee Dave Hett
Trustee Brian Jenkins
Trustee Pam Dittrich (Past Commodore)
 Bill Bond
Trustee     Ken Wachter

2021 Appointed Chairs

Cruise Fleet Captain Linda & Grant Albert 
Race Fleet Captain Joe Geck
Youth Fleet Captain  Paul Van Slyck
PHRF Handicapper Alan Grim
Membership Coordinator
 Pam Dittrich
Clubhouse Rental Chip Handewith
Clubhouse Maintenance
 Nick Wilson
Reciprocal Moorage Bruce Gary
 Long Range Planning Tom Buus and Dale Beech
 Website     Kristi Rimkus
 Publicity Krist Rimkus, Mike Rimkus, David Pollon, Melanie Mann
 Parking Coordinator Noel Dechambeau